About Us

Filtrite was established in 1961. We originally sold filters for fan coil units. Over the 50 plus years we have been in business we expanded to selling:
Fan Coil Units, Motors, Filters, Relays, Switches, Coils, Pans, Blowers, Thermostats, Plumbing materials, Insulation and more!

In addition to selling parts and units, we are the largest of fan coil units in the Metropolitan NY area, installing over 1,000 new fan coils per year. We pride our self on extremely competitive pricing, customer service and fast delivery time!

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Fan Coil Unit Types

             FXY/FXA Series                                   FHY/FHA (Hideaway Series)

    Verical Series | FXY Unit | Filtrite                                               

**Thermostats are available for all types of units and can be attached to the side of the unit or to the wall.  Thermostats can be added to the units any time, even after the unit has been installed.**

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